Check Conversion and Guarantee

Accepting checks has never been easier. We can help your business accept checks securely and easily.

With the appropriate system you can convert checks into electronic deposits. The process is safe and secure and as a result you can save a trip to the bank.

Check Verification:

You can also add check verification services to help reduce the risks of accepting checks. As a result you’ll be able to screen out potentially bad checks form being accepted. We screen each check through a comprehensive system to make sure the funds are secure.

Check Guarantee:

Or you can add check guarantee and eliminate the risks of accepting bad checks. We not only screen each check but we guarantee against NSF reversals. And as a result, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your funds are secure.

You can use check verification or check guarantee alone or add them to check conversion for a truly secure and convenient process.

Merchant Benefits of Check Acceptance:

  • Acceptance integrates into most existing point-of-sale systems
  • Save a time consuming trip to the bank
  • Increase sales by accepting more payment types
  • Eliminate banking fees and check handling costs
  • Reduce bad checks with Verification and Guarantee options
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