Clover Mini

Lightweight, sleek and powerful point of sale solution

Lightweight and powerful point of sale solution

The Clover Mini is powerful, sleek and lightweight. So it won’t take up a lot counter space in your business. You can customize your Clover Mini by selecting Apps from the App Store. And as a result, the Clover Mini can be customized over and over to meet your business’ needs. You can select from Apps focused on accounting, inventory, marketing, gift cards and anything your business needs to grow.

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Image of the Clover Mini POS tablet system

Clover Product Features

icon of a shiny computer monitor

Beautiful Design

A sleek design in a compact form makes the Clover Mini easy to set-up and use

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App Marketplace

The ever growing App Marketplace has thousands of business Apps designed to help you manage and grow your business

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Your Data Anywhere

Clover software is hosted so you can keep tabs on your business remotely from anywhere

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Easy Rewards

Increase your returning customers by using loyalty and reward Apps

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