Clover Go

Keep your business on the Go!

Meet your Go to smartphone-ready payment syestem


The Clover Go will help you extend your cash register in your store or on the Go! Allowing you to take your business to where your customers are. As a result, the Clover Go is your go-to device for secure credit card acceptance with a smartphone. The Clover Go! offers you the same strong payment capabilities securely and affordably. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and a free hand and you can add payments on the Go!

photo of Clover Go attached to a smartphone

Process on the Go!

icon of a smartphone

Connect Wirelesssly


Easily Pair the Go! with your smartphone or tablet and begin accepting payments. 

icon of a arrow flying up and left

Paperless Receipts


With the Go! you can email or text receipts to customers. So there is no need for a printer!

icon of a cloud with wifi strength indicator and network connectivity

End-to-end Security


The included security will protect your customers data and you business’ reputation.

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Manage Employees


You can easily create and manage employee’s access and assign the appropriate permissions.

Keep Your Business on the Go!

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