Gift and Loyalty Program

Excite Gift & Loyalty

Excite’s gift & Loyalty programs are cutting edge and easy to set-up. Allowing you to realize big benefits for your business quickly.

Attract New Customers
You can attract new customers by offering gift cards and loyalty programs. A gift card program allows your customers to give your gift card to their friends and family. This encourages visits by new customers and builds your business’ reputation. You can differentiate your business from the competition with a Loyalty program. As a result new customers will select your business over a competitors.

Increase Your Business’ Brand Awareness
When each gift card is “gifted” it becomes marketing for your business. The result is your business’ brand recognition is increased each time a gift card is given.

Increase Sales
65% of customers will spend 38% more than the value of their card. This means a gift card recipient will spend over the card amount when visiting your business. For this customer paying a percentage of the full price will be a very satisfying shopping experience and they will return to you business as a result.

Build Loyalty
A loyalty program systematically rewards your customers with points for each dollar spent at your business. This encourages customers to visit more frequently to earn points and redeem those points for products or services. Which in turn increases your business.

Over $100 billion is spent on Gift Cards annually. So most consumers come to expect businesses to offer them.

Let Excite create your gift & Loyalty program today!

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